Taking Care of Business

At Tees Events, customer focus is at the heart of everything we do. We go that "extra mile" to deliver a quality event that exceeds all expectations. We are independent specialists in the creation, production and management of memorable events.


"Elvis has sat on my shoulder throughout my life and career and I am always happy to help out at these kind of events. I have hosted a BBC TV documentary about him, done a BBC Radio 2 documentary about him, numerous magazine articles, covered at least one Elvis track on every album and turned down an invitation to go to Graceland in 1974 after Elvis heard my version of 'All Shook Up'. There are a series of Elvis epiphanies in my autobiography 'UNZIPPED...' so read the book! I thoroughly enjoyed judging this Elvis competition. Wonderful to see his legacy carried on. It was my pleasure to perform live my tribute to him, 'SINGING WITH ANGELS'. And, that says it all. Long may he reign. A professional, entertaining evening for all"


"I want to say that I have worked many Elvis events over the years and Europe's Tribute to Elvis I attended recently was at the top of the list as well organized and produced events. Steve and Sue did an amazing job and the entire weekend went so smooth and well. I want to thank everyone for making it the best and hope next year is even bigger and better. Viva Blackpool."


"I have attended many Elvis tribute events around the world, both as special guest and as judge. The Europe's Tribute to Elvis Event was at the top of that list. Tees Events did a magnificent job of putting this world class tribute contest and show together. Ben Portsmouth, Cody Ray Slaughter and Shawn Klush gave amazing performances. The Bootleg Beatles took us all back to the 1960"s and what can one say about the incredibly talented Suzi Quatro... she rocked the house in Blackpool! If you missed Blackpool 2014 you missed a great event, but you can still experience it in 2015 and judging from the quality of the production team behind the event, I believe for many more years to come. Elvis was surely smiling down on us in Blackpool as we celebrated his musical legacy!"